The department of Dietetics and Nutrition services at Goodness Hospital is progressive & fully committed to provide the highest quality nutritional care, leading edge nutrition practice, food service & education, innovative business developmental process flow – to patients and staff. The department addresses today’s complex nutrition and health issues found across the country and abroad to enhance the quality of life for people and communities.

End-of-the-line Commitment

Goodness Hospital, like many leading healthcare institutions, believes that diet plays a major role in the promotion of health and well being of an individual. The Department provides & promotes optimal nutritional care & food services to the hospital, and community in:
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Food service management
  • Research (Case Study) & Education
  • Goodness Hospital to attain the highest quality of care & service through effective & efficient management of resources, systems & changes
  • Goodness Hospital provides & ensure maintenance of a safe work environment
  • Goodness Hospital believes that respecting each other is an important part of teamwork and encourages open communication, creativity & participation
  • Goodness Hospital is committed to the development of skill & knowledge of all concerned and supports education in the community
  • Goodness Hospital encourages the realization of professional & personal goals

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